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What is Going on in The Church Today.

We are in a new era. Regardless of denomination or doctrinal persuasion, one thing is sure, the Lord is raising up His Apostles in the church. The reason being, that the church needs leaders like Christ.

Men and women who are prepared to pay the price for the call. When Apostle Paul said that we apostles are displayed last, he summerized what a true Apostle looks like.

Paying the price so that others could eat the fruit and being prepared to wander years in the desert to enable them to lead God's people to the Promised Land, the time has finally come for their showing.

Apostolic Direction For The Church

Apostle Craig ToachIt is time that the church knew what it's Apostles are saying. Craig and I unite our hearts and arms with the Lord's Apostles, Prophets and Church Leaders all over the world and together we will make God's will and pattern for His church clear.

Want to know what the Apostles are saying?

DAILY we will be sending out publications, prophetic words and apostolic teachings from the Apostles and Leaders.

Are You an Apostle?

Then we invite you to submit your revelation, teaching or encouragement using the submission form. If your publication is sent out, your ministry information will be included, so please include your contact information and ministry URL if you have one.

Apostolic News From The Trenches.

There are hidden secrets in ministry that not many leaders are willing to teach about. Mostly because these secrets are all found the hard way...through failure! It is only when you miss the mark, that you really find out where the mark is in the first place!

If you have a desire to go into ministry or are already in ministry, then the Apostolic Network has just become your lifeline for the kind of News You Can Really Use!

Together with other Apostolic Leaders from all over the world we will be sharing news from the trenches of ministry.

1. How to get moving in your ministry

2. Equipping the Church as a mighty warrior

3. How to make your ministry expand

4. Getting your Ministry OUT THERE!

5. Getting the resources that you need.

6. What God is saying to you right now!

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Get the kind of news, that you can apply to your ministry, right now, for quick results and an always "on time" moment of visitation.

Do not just find out is happening in the church

Join others worldwide in MAKING things happen in the church!