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The Apostolic Movement is Upon Us

The Lord is moving in His Church and we are honored to be on the crest of the wave that is sweeping across the nations. The name of our ministry is intentional - Apostolic Movement International. 

Not only has God called us to train and equip all of the Fivefold Ministry, but we are called to prepare and train His people for the new move He is bringing in the Church.

There is no better way to do that than through hands-on workshop and training. We have many other divisions dedicated to our online training. The Apostolic Network site is dedicated to the live workshops being hosted in your area.

Spiritual Parenting. Fivefold Ministry. Ministry and Marriage...

Apostle Craig ToachIf there is a calling in your life, then get ready for an overhaul. Your personal life is no longer personal. Your ministry call is no longer independent. With a call to ministry teams, the Holy Spirit is calling His people to be effective in every area of your lives.

What happened to my personal life? 

I will never forget the day that Craig and I were struggling with personal conflicts. In the middle of it the Holy Spirit spoke to us and said, "There is no such thing as a personal life! Learn to resolve these conflicts now, because I am going to make your life a glass house."

He was not kidding. We travailed with our marriage. We travailed with being good parents. We succeeded and failed in being spiritual children and then later on... spiritual parents. I often recalled the scripture that says that with every temptation that there is a way to escape. It felt to us as if that passage was for everyone else BUT us because God never allowed a way to escape.

Our marriage was put under a spotlight. Our family was put under a spotlight. Our abilities as parents and leaders were put under a spotlight. Bit by bit, our personal life was made public and through it we found the calling He had put on our lives.

Now spiritual parents to an international team, we know what it means to pay the price for the call. Because of that, we know the price that you are paying as well. 

So You Think You Know the Wilderness?

Ministry was not just "handed" to us either. For 17 years, the Lord had Craig and I do nothing else but learn about teamwork. He hid us in the backside of the desert. It was here that we trained up our team. Away from the public eye He had us invest into and mature His leaders, just one at a time. He did not allow us to begin our public ministry until this was accomplished.

So now when we stand up to minister, we do not do so alone. We do so with the backing of a full fivefold ministry team.

No matter what Craig and I accomplish in this world, our greatest accomplishment lies in the hearts of those we invest into personally. We do not need a pulpit to change the world - just a willing heart that loves Jesus. So when you attend one of our seminars or workshops, do not come to be entertained. Come to be changed.

Come to receive the intimate transformation that Jesus has for you. The Apostolic Movement is at hand. It will not be seen at the latest revival. It will be found with those who, like us, are being called out of the wilderness, to finally take their place, just like Moses of old.

The move of God has already begun in your heart. You will see it being made manifest through His apostles who are finally rising up out of hiding.

They were hidden, but now revealed. Called to let all go, so that we can rule and reign. The Apostolic Movement is upon you. Step forward. Get trained and let us transform the Church into a City on a Hill... TOGETHER!

The Secret of the Apostolic Movement

We would like to think that there are many things that set us apart as a ministry and couple. However we would daresay that these two aspects are what define us:

1. Our Resources to Train

As you browse our divisions you will find a host of unique training materials. With schools for all of the fivefold ministry, you will find textbooks, workbooks and trainer manuals that provide a vast array of media and subjects.

All made in-house. Each was lived, preached and produced by one of our team. 

2. We are a Team-Based Ministry

There are not many ministries that can boast power-house couples who work side by side. Craig and I have been tremendously blessed of the Lord to see many such couples rise up through our ministry.

An essential aspect of the new move is that God is raising up family teams to do His work. No longer is He using just one man to do all the work.

And so the Lord sent us many spiritual children. We might call them our "team" at times, but we all know what we mean when we call them by name. We call them our family. Our children. Our fruit. Our inheritance to the Body of Christ.