A Fivefold Ministry Training Site Designed for Your Ministry Style

"To whom much is given, much is required," and it is for this reason, that the first steps you take into ministry are made in the fire. Opposition is part of your process and amongst all the challenges you face, the hardest is to convince others that you are truly going in the direction that God has sent you.

The hardest part of the journey not being the death to your flesh or the call to "give up everything and follow me." The hardest part is finding those that support and understand your vision.

The Lord has placed a call on your life and He has given you a clear track to take. Granted - that track does not look like everyone else's track.

Your mandate goes against the grain. Your ministry decisions do not fit into what everyone expects ministry to be. It works out well for you then, that we speak your langage.

We understand that God is leading you by the hand. We understand that the Holy Spirit is training you directly. We also undestand that you might not always know for sure where you are headed, but you do know that God sent you in the direction you are taking right now.

Let's just say that not only do we speak your language, but we have walked in your shoes. You just found a piece of home.

Our Focus is Two-fold:

1. To help you fulfill your ministry call

2. To provide ministry resources that you can use to minister to others

What Can We Do For Your Ministry Style?

You are different! One minute the Lord has you flowing in the prophetic and the next He is telling you that you need to be more of a Pastor. The people around you keep pulling at you with various needs and at times you feel at a loss - not having all the answers.

That is where we and this ministry division of Apostolic Movement International comes in. A.M.I Campus was birthed for leaders like you. Your ministry style is inique with a diversity of gifts and expression.

Not only do we have the resources you need to see your journey through, but we can also help with all the answers you need for those that come to you for direction.

1. An individualized fivefold ministry training program that fits your unique ministry style

2. On point and practical courses that "fills in the gaps" of your own revelation (Perfect for group study)

3. Fivefold Ministers standing by to mark you projects and give you input any time you ask for it.

4. No set curriculum. You study only what you need right now.

5. Reduced pricing! Because Campus does not offer graduation, ordination or a personal trainer, courses on Campus are significantly lower than that of the Prophetic School.

The Kind of Person You Are

1. You are self motivated with a clear conviction of your call

2. You do not need intense follow up or support - you know who you are in Christ

3. You appreciate the input of like-minded apostles, prophets, pastors and teachers.

Note: All registrants of AMI Campus are known as "AMI Associates."

Get Started!

How to Get Started

The process is simple. Register as an Associate and begin purchasing courses. Upon registering, you can expect a follow up in 24 hours from one of our ministers to answer any of your questions

Register Here Now: http://www.ami-campus.com/associate_application.php